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Mein Baumhaus (MeBa) Studie – Gesundheitsförderung für schwangere Frauen mit angeborenem Herzfehler


In diesem Forschungsprojekt nehmen Sie an einem digitalen Programm teil, dass Sie im letzten Trimester der Schwangerschaft bis ins Wochenbett begleitet. In der App MeBa werden Themen rund um Gesundheitsförderung, Wohlbefinden und soziale Unterstützung betrachtet.

Das Programm wurde gemeinsam mit Hebammen, PsychologInnen, ÄrztInnen und Müttern entwickelt und enthält viele wissenschaftlich fundierte Informationen in Audios, Videos und Texten.


Unter können Sie sich informieren und für die Teilnahme registrieren.


*Maintaining medical success in the long term through integrated care for congenital heart defects

The MERLIN project aims to create and promote awareness for prevention and health promotion in the area of congenital cardiology.
On the basis of extensive data related to nutrition, exercise and mental health, we are committed to changing the current healthcare situation of patients with CHD and improving their subjective and objective health outcomes. 
The project is being expanded further by integrating the area of health promotion and disease management.


* Care situation for adults with congenital heart defects

The VEMAH project examines the supply situation of adults with congenital heart defects within Germany.

It serves as the basis for improving the density of supply for this patient population in Germany. The study evaluates the knowledge of existing supply structures and deficits from both, patients' and clinicians' points of view.

Based on the collected data, new medical measures will be developed to meet the unique needs and experiences of our patients.


* Psychosocial Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Congenital Heart Disease

Pregnancies in women with CHD often count as high-risk pregnancies.

To date, evidence on the prognosis of long-term psychological consequences of childbearing in women with CHD is scarce. Therefore, the aim of this research project is to provide insights into the psychological situation of women with CHD after pregnancy. A better understanding of modifiable risk factors among postpartum women with CHD can help to improve and advance a multidisciplinary approach to treating this vulnerable patient population. 


* Analysis of Postraumatic Stress in Adults with 

Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD)

Posttraumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) have scarcely received attention in ACHD.

This research project aims to examine reliable prevalence data on PTSD, as well as relevant risk and protective factors for the development of PTSD. Obtained data should enable clinicians to recognize and prevent predictable risk factors for the development of PTSD in ACHD. 

Future steps involve the development of psychosocial interventions to enhance the provision of mental health care for patients with CHD of all ages.

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